Zallys M14


Art. nr: Z174700

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Zallys M14 - Electric tug equipped with hydraulic lifting system ,  the ideal solution to handle 2 wheel carts that need to be lifted for towing operations . Our power pusher has a lifting capacity up to 1000 kg and can tow up to 2000 kg on flat ground. M14 electric tugger can’t be used on slopes.  It is equipped with a 85ah Gel  interchangeable battery pack that can cover more than one work shift. All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.


Leverandør Zallys
Lengde i mm 1153
Bredde i mm 527
Høyde i mm 1374
Trekkraft i kg 2000
Lastekapasitet i kg 1000
Egenvekt i kg 188
Hastighet km/t 5,8
Batteri Traction AGM batteries
Lader External - high frequency

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